About Charlotte

Hello, my name is Charlotte, owner of Dance2GetFit. I created Disco Fitness because I find repetitive exercise torturous and dull and I know there are many others who feel the same!

I work with Women 30+ who know that they should be doing something to keep fit but have never enjoyed the gym or ‘normal’ exercise. When your fitness workout feels like a chore, will power will only last for so long and you will very quickly become demotivated. Those good intentions go out the window and before you know it you’ve slipped back into an unhealthy lifestyle, not really looking after yourself, feeling lethargic and not functioning to the best of your abilities.

However, if you enjoy a good boogie, even if you think you have no co-ordination or 2 left feet, then Disco Fitness is the ideal way to get exercise into your life. Motivation is key to sticking to a healthy lifestyle and because the classes feel more like a night out with friends, you will actually look forward to coming.

Everyone comes to Disco Fitness knowing that they won’t feel judged, they will have a great time with real women supporting and encouraging each other.

Typical goals of women who attend are:

  • To quickly increase fitness levels
  • To tone up tummy and other areas
  • To lose weight
  • To feel like the person they used to be (happy, confident, full of energy)
  • To choose the clothes they really want to wear instead of feeling they have to hide bits
  • To get some Me Time back in their lives

If you can relate to any of these and you enjoy dancing then Disco Fitness could be what you’re looking for. We dance to feel good, uplifting music much of which you know and love. We’ve even been known to dance with pom poms and sparkly hats! Fun is the order of the day, but we do work HARD so you’ll leave the class feeling awesome, and inspired to keep the momentum going.

My Story

I started dancing at the age of 3 and have been hooked ever since! I’ve always loved teaching dance and enjoyed a brief stint as a professional dancer too.

While studying dance at university I became interested in how it could be used in a therapeutic way to help people struggling with mental health issues.

Then I diverted from my dancing path slightly and decided to work more closely in the mental health field using the counselling skills I had been studying. I still kept up dance teaching at the ballet school I had been a pupil at since I was young.

I was lucky enough to be asked to deliver dance classes to the patients at the psychiatric hospital where I was working. The patients had severe body image issues but I was honoured that they trusted me enough to gently push them out of their comfort zone and learn how to dance like a showgirl!

The huge shift that happened in their mindset, even if it was just while they were in that moment, made me realise how important dancing is and how empowering it can be.

I eventually left the hospital to pursue a career in cabaret dancing. A much needed contrast to the years of often stressful shifts at the psychiatric hospital.

I still knew that I wanted to work with people and help them overcome confidence and self esteem issues though. And I knew that the perfect way to do this was through dancing.

For many women, their confidence and self esteem is linked to the way they feel about their weight or body shape. Unrealistic ideals of beauty are forced upon us every day, even when we do our best to avoid it. I’ve never been a fitness fanatic (far from it) but I’ve always maintained a healthy physique as a by product of dancing. I’m not an advocator of dieting, low fat foods or calorie counting but I strongly believe that an active lifestyle will keep you healthy both mentally and physically. As long as you find something you enjoy, something that motivates you to go again and again then being active needn’t be a chore.

There are many women out there just like you looking for a way to get fit that doesn’t feel like torture! Thankfully lots of these women have discovered Dance2getfit and made a positive change to their lives. Their transformation started with a free taster. Where would you like to be in 6 months? If you’re serious about making a significant change in your life then what better time than now to book your free taster?

  • Do you want to get fit and toned but the gym doesn’t appeal?
  • Do you know you need to exercise but find it a chore?
  • Do you love dancing?
Try a FREE Disco Fitness class and discover how to get an intense workout that feels more like a night out with friends!